Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Coach and Volunteer Registration

To Register as a Coach/Volunteer please select the Program above you wish to register for, 

and then you can register as a Coach for the correct Program and League.

Please consider volunteering to coach one of the many teams that play at the KBA Sports Complex each season. KBA believes that the best developmental environment for young players incorporates positive reinforcement from parents coaches and other players. Kids develop at varying rates but the total experience can be equally rewarding for all. Coaching a team provides a great opportunity to mentor players foster sportsmanship and teach players the game of basketball. In addition to a rewarding experience KBA Sports provides the head coach a discount of up to half off one participants registration fee. Please fill out the mandatory online volunteer application below or contact us to get more information on how to become a head or assistant coach.

By volunteering You understand that your answers may not necessarily disqualify you and that KBA Sports Inc. will use its sole discretion in assigning coaching positions. As a youth league coach You agree to fulfill your obligations to run practices coach games and conduct yourself according to KBA Sports Inc. league guidelines. You hereby agree to allow KBA Sports Inc. to conduct background checks and criminal records checks as necessary. You understand that the information on this form is deemed confidential and will be reviewed only by KBA Sports Inc. staff and will not be made public.

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